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TRYO´s music is a special combination between heavy electric complex rhythm rock, and subtle passages of acoustic voyages, where their main characteristics in both cases are the ability as composers and as instrumental player/performers.

Crudo not only succeeds on pretty much every level as a progressive rock CD, it also adds something that is not often seen in the progressive arena – namely a “groove”. Some of the tracks on Crudo will both stimulate your mind and get your “body rockin'” at the same time!  “Nueva Epoca” and “Fanfarria” are two such songs; the rhythm section of drummer Felix Carbone and bassist Ismael Cortez lay down some serious grooves for guitarist Francisco Cortez to strut his six-string stuff Hendrix-style with some killer riffs and fantastic jams that really will stir your soul. That’s not at all to say that Crudo is nothing but mindless jamming and grooving – far from it. As a matter of fact, half way through the proceedings the CD takes a severely sharp turn into acoustic land that is every bit as effective as it is surprising. I’ve never heard such contrast between two sections of the same CD work so perfectly.

Recommending Tryo’s Crudo is simple – this is one of the best instrumental progressive CD’s I’ve heard in quite some time. The musicianship and innovation shown by this trio is mind blowing, and these guys are certainly deserving of more exposure worldwide than they currently get.

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MyloCD007 – TRYO  Crudo   (1998)   Chile

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