Spectrum – Alucinante Ritual


Spectrum from Chile is one hell of an interesting heavy prog band with sadly only one album released so far named Alucinante ritual in 2003 at great chilean label Mylodon. From the opening title track, who is excellent performed with lots of hammond/moog and great guitar chops, the music inmediately transported the listener in mid ’70s heavy prog scene. The combination of prog rock elements with hard rock vibes makes from this album a real little treasure, at least for my ears. All pieces stands as great with a plus on title track, El Mensaje de la Tierra or Maestros de Luces, there are lots of soloing on hammond/moog combined with guitar parts and an awesome vocals from Rodrigo Lorcas who is fitting like hand on glove into this type of music. What I like more is that the album is energic, catchy and well played. As a conclusion this is a definitely worth album to have, fans of heavy prog will find many memorable parts.

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MyloCD009 – SPECTRUM Alucinante Ritual   (2003)   Chile

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