Sarax – 570 Kythera


SARAX are an experimental band from Chile who go from heavy KING CRIMSON / RUSH like soundscapes to spacey, atmospheric moods in a blink of an eye. This is a concept album that is a continuation from their previous record “Ejecución”. Although the vocals are not in English they do give English lyrics in the liner notes, as well as a story line in English even with the instrumental tracks. I am such a big fan of this style of music that combines heavy soundscapes with spacey, atmospheric passages.

Sarax’s third album find the band turned into a quartet, and in the process, augmenting the doses of energy and diversity in their own progressive style. This album is a conceptual follow-up to their previous effort “Ejecución”: this time, our executed prisoner’s soul is reincarnated into a resident in an asteroid that is soon to meet its conflagration. The ideas of constantly dying and not being really captains of our own ships fit perfectly the main character’s recurrent frustration, which in turn, meets a most accurate correlation in the band’s sonic angst. With the entry of guitarist Nicolás Figueroa, a lifelong friend and collaborator, the band’s style wasn’t actually changed but, as I stated before, enhanced in terms of a greater intensity in the instrumentation and a major colorfulness in the arrangements and adornments instilled in the musical ideas.

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MyloCD013 – SARAX  570 Kythera   (2003)   Chile

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