Akineton R. – 21 Canapés


Third release by one of Chile’s most adventurous bands Akinetón Retard presents as the title assumes 21 little mostly very tasty little bits triggering the appetite for more. Unlike on their previous album dominated by aggressive saxophone and heavy guitar they were taking here a more reluctant at times acoustic approach using a broad range of instruments including violin and cello.

The 21 short pieces, mainly not longer than 1 – 2 minutes are very versatile and mostly in a jazzy vein with saxophone as the main instrument. Though there are quite a few ones being very enjoyable with a moderate degree of oddity and disharmony with “Enfermas enfermas”, “La vida rota”, “Potenzia”, “Señorita depression”, “Cocodrilos con Martini” and “Descargas” being the nicest tracks this disk is anything else than an easy listening. Ever present short excursions into Avant-garde territory are providing enough excitement and endeavour in between. Overall this is an excellent disk with some unique and adventurous music providing a good picture of the versatility and talents of this great band. Possibly it might not be suitable for everyone but I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for something different. Definitely a must-have one for fans of Avant Prog!

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MyloCD014 – AKINETON RETARD  21 Canapés  (2003)   Chile  LAST COPIES

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