Barroquejon – Concerning The Quest


Chilean project BARROQUEJON was the creative vehicle of composer and musician David Hanus (A few years later Hanus passed away). Deeply inspired by the works of world famous author J. R. R. Tolkien he released the album “Concerning the Quest, the Bearer & the Ring” in 2003, the first in a planned series of concept productions.

Each track offers a medieval soundscape and is a genuine treat. Where the album falls short of the mark however is in the overlaid vocals which are often strained and too heavy for the music. The grandiose interplay of twittering woodwind and orchestrated keys are definitely bombastic and work well throughout the first three tracks. Highlights include the grandeur of ‘The Breaking of the Fellowship’, and the upbeat perky ‘The Awakening of Fangorn’. The vocals are again are oddly placed though more like Queen with the overlaid harmonies, that feel a bit overkill. There is so much happening on the album it becomes slightly over-exaggerated, whereas when the music peels back and allows a more subtle approach, particularly with the wonderful piccolo, the music is a sheer delight.

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