Tryo – Patrimonio


This is the third album by the Chilean band Tryo, it’s from 1999. The first track sounds tight and dynamic featuring a buzzing bass and phased guitar, good swinging and pleasant guitar-oriented rock. Then three tracks that have a warm, folky atmosphere: acoustic guitar, marimba, percussion and an often wailing cello. The second part of this CD concludes with music in the vein of King Crimson, both the dark and compelling “Red”- climates as the ‘Nineties-era’ featuring a propulsive and dynamic sound with Fripperian guitar work (some howling and biting soli), strong drum beats and powerful bass play. The interplay from the members is amazing but at some moments the compositions tend too sound a bit similar. Nonetheless, this is an interesting band with good musicians.

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MyloCD016 – TRYO Patrimonio   (1999)   Chile

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