Angulart – Donde Renacen las Horas


hilean band AngulArt (yes, both A’s are capital) turned out to be one of the most impressive revelations in the current South American prog rock scene, and also a golden promise for prog rock in a worldwide context. The intensity and splendour if their debut album “Donde Renacen las Horas” clearly support that, and the use of their own Spanish language for their lyrics should not be a distracting factor to keep the non-Spanish speaking listener from enjoying it. The AngulArt sound is the result of a clever confluence between the epic orchestrations of good old symphonic prog, the incendiary power of Rush and the sophisticated energy of prog metal, with added touches of jazz rock and organic psychedelic keyboard-based ambiences.

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MyloCD019 –  ANGULART  Donde renacen las horas  (2004)  Chile

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