Cast – Nimbus


The music on this album is in some way a perfect blend of classical prog with some jazz elements and in some parts a strong tendency towards progmetal. In the classical prog parts it sounds to me reminiscent of ELP or VDGG. Obviously there is some concept behind the album, but my knowledge of Spanish language is not sufficient to get it.

The album consists of 16 tracks which are grouped in four parts. It opens in a very captivating way with the first part of Ladrona de Sueños: threatening keyboard riffs, rough heavy guitars and screaming sax interludes. Parts 2 and 3 of this suite are placed later on the CD, part 2 has mainly keyboard with vocals and the final one is all instrumental apart of some spoken words, a rather savage and weird track featuring some sax playing again.


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MyloCD020 –  CAST  Nimbus  (2004)  México

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