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With their namesake debut album, the talented Chilean power trio Tryo caught the attention of lots of prog fans around the world, an attention that still enduring after 8 years and 3 more albums. They are well known for balancing their rock side with a more acoustic chamber-oriented facet, though their debut album is clearly designed as a prog rock/jazzy album – mostly instrumental, only track 4 has lyrics. The major influences are Red/and/early 80s-era King Crimson (mostly), common place psychedelia, the rougher side of Mahavishnu Orchestra, plus some touches of Led Zeppelin and jazz-fusion. The whole repertoire is a progressive display of musical fire, handled with exquisite skills, fuelled by density, and arranged with astonishing dexterity.

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MyloCD024 –  TRYO  Tryo  (1997)   Chile

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