Evolución – Era de Piscis


This amazing four piece formation never released an album so it was time to release this CD that contains material from the Eighties, recorded between 1982 and 1986 in changing line-ups. I was immediately impressed by the high level of the musicians. Their often swinging sound alternates between early Camel (“Moonmadness” and “Mirage”-era) and jazz(rock): dynamic, many shifting moods, great accellarations and lots of splendid soli on guitar and keyboards. The interplay between the musicians is outstanding, both in the more symphonic parts as in the jazzy interludes like “Swing de ilusiones” (including vibraphone). The synthesizer soli (frequent use of the pitchbend button) sound somewhere between Peter Bardens and Jan Hammer. The track “Zodiaco” reminds me of Pendragon, mainly because of the Nick Barrett-like guitar work.

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MyloCD025 –  EVOLUCION La Era de Piscis  (1984/86)   Chile

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