Subterra – Cautiverio


Subterra belong to the heavier side of Neo Prog with a sound close to ARENA or later PENDRAGON, colored by a huge symphonic sound coming out of Claudio Momberg’s keyboards.The compositions are based on impressive and angular guitar riffs, very sharp synthesizers and well-performed vocal lines (lyrics come in Spanish), with all these elements producing an excellent dramatic atmosphere.But, as with any good Neo Prog act, Leonardo Basso and Gonzalo Sanchez offer also plenty of melodic guitar solos, while there is enough space for virtuosic individual performances and instrumental textures.The longer pieces seem to be the more interesting ones with great changes between downtempo themes with hypnotic guitars and soft piano lines and bombastic symphonic movements with grandiose keyboards and heavy sounding guitars.There is even some discreet organ parts to be found in a couple of tracks, nicely adapted to the general style.Very good balance between melodic moments and groovy passages maintain the superb atmosphere captured by the band throughout the whole release. An excellent surprise indeed. Bombastic, melodic, demanding and atmospheric Neo/Symphonic Prog.

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MyloCD027 –  SUBTERRA  Cautiverio  (2005)   Chile

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