Jaime Rosas – Creciendo


One word “Fantastic!”. This must be one of the best records any progressive music fan should own. There are times throughout the CD that you feel like listening Wakeman and others where Emerson appears. There are some hard songs like “Gravedad”, “Creciendo”, and others where mellow beautiful music flows from these four guys.All the instruments are played brilliantly. The music is complex, with permanent rythm changes and surprises the listener continously. All the arrangements are precise and beautiful. This is a must have and if you don’t know these guys, please do. You won’t regret it. Just the amazing epic “El Mito” 18 minutes long!!! pays the CD and will force you to come back to it again and again. A MUST HAVE FOR ANY SYMPHONIC PROG FAN. A MASTERPIECE!!

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MyloCD028 –  JAIME ROSAS Creciendo  (2005)   Chile

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