Australis – Terra Australis


Capturing the ethereal aura and spacey textures of synth-driven art rock, on one hand, and the power of complex heavy prog rock (clearly bordering on prog metal in many moments), on the other hand, Australis manages to create a well integrated amalgam of progressive sounds in which melodies and ambiences intertwine fluidly and naturally. The band’s sound bears an obviously contemporary feel, while retaining a solid respect for the standard demands of skilfull soloing and interplaying all over the place. If you can imagine a marriage between Ozric Tentacles at their rockiest and Planet-X, then how would their son turn out to be after being mentally nurtured by Allan Holdsworth and Tribal Tech members as teachers, then this very creature is Australis

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MyloCD032 –  AUSTRALIS  Terra Australis  (2005)   Chile

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