Toccata – Circe


There is a good dose of more modern symphonic/neo prog influences as well as the occasional foray into prog metal. In fact, if I were forced to name bands to compare this group with, my answer would be ELP and Nexus. The music has that melodic flavor and energy of Nexus, but mixed in with some rather complex sections that clearly remind me of ELP.

There are actually few downsides to Toccata’s debut and the one that catches my attention are songs that either don’t develop properly or wander off somewhere they shouldn’t have. This is something to expect from a new band’s debut album. However, for Toccata, this is a trivial criticism because the music is exceptionally well done and the musicians’ performances are quite admirable. An excellent album

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MyloCD033 –  TOCCATA  Circe  (2005)   México

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