Tricantropus – Recuerdos del Futuro


A spanish band of progressive rock and fusion veterans (among them, Manuel MANRIQUE, who took part in the first line-up of AZAHAR), TRICANTROPUS was formed with an aim to explore the current possibilities of prog rock. The band’s sound has a clear symphonic basis, but the overall result of compositions and arrangements stands in a crossroad of various trends: the symphonic factor is somewhat predominant, yet it goes fluidly combined with jazz-rock, fusion, stylish psychedelia and new-age related sonorities. The band’s forte are the management of a wide range of textures and the delivery of moderately complex arrangements, allowing the musical ideas get highlighted through the solid instrumental interactions. “Recuerdos del Futuro”, their debut album recorded in 2007 and released the following year, is a straightforward manifesto of the band’s ideology.

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MyloCD056 –  TRICANTROPUS  Recuerdos del Futuro  (2007)   Spain

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