Jaime Scalpello – El Rugido de los Dioses


Jaime Scalpello is the singer from the Chilean Heavy Prog band Entrance, this is his first solo project from 2008. One of his band members is the prolific keyboardist Claudio Momberg: he played in Chilean prog formation Seti, but also contributed on albums from Mexican Aly and Spanish Senogul and, last but not least, Clive Nolan and Caamora!. In the 11 tracks singer Jaime makes impression with his powerful and passionate Spanish vocals, in mellow atmospheres or sumptuous outbursts, his voice is awesome. Another strong element is the way the songs are structured and coloured. We can enjoy wonderful and varied keyboard work from Claudio Momberg:, from frequent orchestral sounds to a church organ interlude  and tender and cheerful synthesizer flights

An exciting first solo project by Jaime Scalpello and his excellent band, fans of harder-edged prog who are up to Spanish vocals will be pleased with this album.

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MyloCD060 –  JAIME SCALPELLO  El Rugido de los Dioses  (2008)   Chile

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