Astralis – Voces del Bosque


Second album from Astralis and not different than “Bienvenida al Interior”. It is a somewhat less symphonic and more atmospheric Neo Prog effort with downtempo arrangements offered through six long compositions with Vera-Pinto’s guitar work in evidence and nice keyboard colors supporting.With links to the emphatic Polish Prog stylings and notable references to the sound of PENDRAGON, PALLAS and MARILLION, ”Voces del bosque” explores the more accesible territories of Neo Prog with expressive vocals, strong guitar solos, bombastic riffs and striking melodies as its leading characreristics, while the more minimalistic guitar textures seem to have also a slight FLOYD-ian flavor.An excellent production supports the rich sound of Astralis and the synthesizers of Gaggero have also plenty to offer, from MARK KELLY-like floating solos to more grandiose and cinematic soundscapes.The complaint comes from some quite stretched minimalistic passages with a spacey atmosphere, led either by keyboards or guitar distortions, where the band seems to have lost its inspiration.

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MyloCD070 –  ASTRALIS Voces del Bosque  (2009)   Chile

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