Mr Hyde – Reflejos de un encierro


It’s an Instrumental Prog Rock Conceptual Album, it deals (in the music, since there are no vocals) with the topic of Loneliness and Confinement. The music it’s very changing, but you aren’t going to find out-of-place parts or solos without feeling or sense, every note has a meaning and the music flows really well within the songs, especially in the highlights. Recommended for those who enjoy Eclectic Prog, for those who don’t mind changing songs (but the changes in the songs are masterfully done, you never feel alienated by out-of-place parts), for those who enjoy Instrumental Prog that doesn’t focus only in solos without meaning, and for those who want to enjoy an obscure great album.

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MyloCD091 –  MR HYDE  Reflejos de un Encierro  (2011)   Chile

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