Matraz – Tiempo


Matraz was one of the most interesting prog jazz metal bands ever coming from Chile. From the begginings on their first album released in 2001 named Tiempo they manage to combin in a good manner prog metal elements with jazzy interplays, the result is quite great most of the time. Quirky , complex arrangements meets more melodic lines, makes from this first album a real keeper for sure. Very nice instrumental passages, where the keyboards goes very well with the rest, very much in vein of LTE or bands similar from this filed. very nice the voice here of Inti Oyarzun . So, definitely a band and album to be checked in same level with their next and final one.

With this work by MATRAZ will leave everyone satisfied, from the 70’s early progressive rock fan to the demanding tech/extreme metal lover due to the great mixing of music styles ans sounds…MATRAZ are a band to watch and deserve your attention undoubtfully

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MyloCD012 – MATRAZ  Tiempo  (2000)   Chile

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