Exsimio – Carbono 14


Now, that I call Prog! What a great effort from this chilean musicians! Carbon 14 is a wonderful album full of dynamics and complex melodies. Their playing is so tight, i have a long time to hear something so good as this. You can understand instantly that they are experienced musicians and i like the fact that mr. Carlos Pérez abandoned the role of the singer and start to talk wonderfully spanish now and then contributing in album’s stunning atmosphere. The best part for me is the bass playing. You have to hear this, Carlos Pérez plays some magnifical complex passages that make this record so perfect. Of course you can’t complain about the other musicians, all play fantastic music. I also loved the astonishing drum play that interplays with the bass. You should check these guys, they play prog so good! Very highly recommended!

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MyloCD034 –  EXSIMIO Carbono 14  (2005)   Chile

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