Mar de Robles – Mdr


Two percussionists, one bassist, one tenor sax player and a guitarist seem like an excellent recipe for some sizzling, exotic prog if MAR DE ROBLES’ first album is anything to judge by: great compositions, exciting rhythms bearing an exquisite latin flair, delicate flute play that provide a welcomed breather between fiery numbers, and heartfelt Spanish lyrics with an attitude.

Their debut album is quirky, almost edgy, and definitely fun – not a dull moment throughout. Their well-crafted compositions combine latin jazz-fusion à la AKINETÓN RETARD with 70’s symphonic prog CRIMSON-style and some psych flavours. Tight and complex percussive lines, crunching yet melodic guitar riffs and powerful sax. Very entertaining indeed. Absolutely recommended to fans of FOCUS, KING CRIMSON and particularly AVANT GARDE

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MyloCD010 – MAR DE ROBLES  Mdr  (2003)   Chile

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